Clobber Australia is a boutique brand of outstanding quality

Clobber footwear is crafted using premium 100% Australian twin-faced sheepskins – suede-finish on the outside, fluffy fleece inside. We choose sheepskins with higher wool density and stronger leather, for greater warmth and durability. Reflecting our love of the natural, our sheepskins are prepared using eco-friendly processes.

At Clobber Australia, we proudly carry the Woolmark stamp of distinction. And because our footwear uses 100% genuine sheepskin, you get the benefit of its amazing natural breathability. It not only feels good. It’s good for your skin.

Clobber boots are carefully cut to ensure an unblemished sheepskin, free from even natural defects. We craft all Clobber boots with no-compromise attention to detail, carefully locking in bindings, taking the time to double stitch, and using great quality materials.

  • All Clobber boots are made in Australia using premium quality Australian sheepskins
    • NO boots made in China, NO synthetic ‘wools’, NO cheap alternatives with wool attached to cow hide.
  • All Clobber boots feature double-stitched seams
    • Unlike so many other sheepskin boots which are just single stitched, so if one thread comes out, seams can unravel.
  • All Clobber boots use only unblemished smooth, suede outer skins
    • Unlike many other manufacturers which accept natural defects like rough spots or embedded seeds.
  • All Clobber boots are crafted with outstanding attention to detail, using careful stitching and edge bindings
    • Unlike many other boots which have missed stitches and weak edgings.

Clobber Australia. Crafted for the most discerning buyers.